Episode 29: Rovina Broomfield-On Creating Textures & Hues Program On Amazon and Starting Her Faith-Based T-Shirt Brand

Episode 29: Rovina Broomfield-On Creating Textures & Hues Program On Amazon and Starting Her Faith-Based T-Shirt Brand





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Welcome to Episode 29th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Season 2. We're delighted to have our new guest, Rovina Broomfield, who is passionate about business strategy, entrepreneurship, and inspirational leadership. She is a Senior Product Manager leading a product development team within global marketing and advertising, responsible to build and launch sub-segment customer experiences. For example, her team launched Amazon’s Textures & Hues, a shop for textured hair care from concept to the platform. In March 2018, She was the recipient of Amazon's Just Do It award from Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, for the launch of Textures & Hues. The “Just Do It Award” recognizes and rewards employees who exemplify two of their core values. 

In addition to her role, Rovina is also President of Amazon’s Black Employee Network, which primarily serves to provide a support structure for Black employees and to champion diversity throughout the company. Prior to her current role, she has been a Vendor Manager in outdoor apparel and action sports, operations manager in home goods, and a product manager in the Global Alexa Echo devices sales and marketing team. Outside of work, Rovina enjoys playing basketball, listening to live music, and speaking to students of color and young adults about developing positive leadership habits and pushing through the constructs of the corporate world.

On today's episode, Rovina walks us through the process of how she started Fiber Sole a faith-based apparel brand; how she balances her professional career and managing the Fiber Sole; and the biggest lessons she's learned since launching. Also, she shows us the keys to a having a successful business from the perspective of having ‘must-win customer’ and having a process in decision-making.

Moreover, a detailed information on what Textures & Hues of Amazon really is, why it's a valuable place to go and the unique things about it, how to get your products into the Textures and Hues program and why there was a need to create this program. She believes that focusing on 'why not me and why not now' helps her succeed in her career and as an entrepreneur!


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