Episode 32: Tara Darnley-How To Secure Non-Equity Funding To Scale Your Business Through Pitch Competition

Episode 32: Tara Darnley-How To Secure Non-Equity Funding To Scale Your Business Through Pitch Competition


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Welcome to Episode 32 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast! LIVE RECORDING


Hey Guys! This is my second solo episode for this month. I'm so excited to share all about 'PITCHING'.

What is pitching? How to win non-equity funding to scale your business? Pitching is the process where you can win cash for your business. There are various organizations or entities out there that hold pitch competition and you can easily go into. Why do you need to pitch your business? There are so many reasons like you needed funding to launch your business or you need to level up your business and etc. Just be clear and concise with your concept to take home the bacon. However, when you're in a pitching event, do not be just focus on winning because you'll miss other opportunities. Get to know the people in the room. Build a network and connections with them. You never know who they may know that will get you to the next level. It's a win-win situation. If you lose still there's a room for growth after the competition where you can build relationships and you can genuinely benefit each other. The key is networking so it's very important to build a relationship.

Additionally, be an expert on your product. No one knows your product, but you. Know the whole thing about your product and convince the judges that your product is excellent. Also, don't pay anybody to pitch your product. Asking money from you to enter an event is a red flag.

Learn more about the things to consider when you're pitching your business; how to find and join pitch competition; some stuff that judges looking for in a pitch competition; and tips to win pitching competition.

Start now, not tomorrow and enjoy the process while it lasts. Pitching as much as possible!

Thank you so much for listening. 
Dream Big, Execute Hard.


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