Episode 37: Raven Willis-On Legally Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Episode 37: Raven Willis-On Legally Protecting Your Intellectual Property



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Welcome to episode 37th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!


Many people start businesses thinking that making and selling products and having a return on investment is enough. There are so many things you need to consider in building a strong business. There are many competitors out there who may have the same product idea as you or worse who might want to steal your creative ideas. Then the question comes up. How do I protect my product ideas, brand and what are my legal rights?

On this new episode of the Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast, we have another amazing guest, Raven Willis. Raven is a business attorney located in Keller, TX and has over 18 years of experience in negotiating, writing, managing, and reviewing over $2 billion in complex business contracts. She specializes in trademarks, crafting written agreements for established businesses, and monitoring and enforcing high-value contracts.

She shares the number one mistake that entrepreneurs make; the importance of registering your trademarks and the negatives of not doing so; and the top three contracts that a business should have.

Moreover, Raven gives advice for entrepreneurs on how to protect their business. Likewise, she gives a recommendation for people and businesses who can't afford to hire a lawyer. “You have to understand what it is that you're signing for, read it thoroughly, and if you don't understand Google it”. Says Raven. To her, the greatest business win is getting several clients that come back because they were happy and she's doing a good job.

“In the long run, your brand trademark can be worth more than the physical assets of your company.”

Thank you so much for listening.
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