Episode 47- Milton Lawrence Jr. on How to Take Quality Photography to Enhance our Branding to attract more Customers

Episode 47- Milton Lawrence Jr. on How to Take Quality Photography to Enhance our Branding to attract more Customers




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Welcome to Episode 47 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Milton Lawrence is an internationally acclaimed photographer and creative director of VC productions. He specializes in corporate photography, videography, aerial photography & video, motion graphics, and micro story storytelling. Milton's work has been featured in Black Enterprise, Today Show, Essence and many other nationally recognized publications.

Milton is our first expert guest on photography. His knowledge and resources are needed in the entrepreneurial life!

He doesn’t know what dream life is and just lives the life he created. He didn’t chase his dreams but chased the lifestyle he wanted all his life, to become “rich”. Milton found that photography is where he could best put together his passion to learn, travel, dance, and eat.  It’s a combination of having money & time to enjoy life, and being in a position that nobody could take you away from that. His creativity and edge of dealing with people in the military helped him to enhance his skills and build a career in photography.

In this episode, Milton will share the essential tips when it comes to making a good brand & achieve its popularity, how he got into the photography space, how he figured out what his niche was going to be, how he built his own name in photography, the one mistake that he sees most entrepreneurs do when it comes to branding, the number one secret to success, the challenges he had faced in his business & how he managed it. He talks about how he strategically shaped his brand and Milton’s advice that will surely change your 2019.

Also, he gives tips on positioning your services and products in the marketplace, tips for a perfect profile picture for entrepreneurs and the things to avoid. Milton talks about the difference between headshots and branding shots, why it’s important to position your authority in the marketplace, what we should include in our branding videos, what are some of the essentials that people look for in video content, and tips for listeners on how to become a successful entrepreneur.


“Go when you want it, go when you need it, and go where you’re not found.”

Thank you so much for listening.

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