Episode 41: Kimberly Chloe Wilson on Creating a Successful Skincare Line and the Sacrifices She Made Along Her Journey

Episode 41: Kimberly Chloe Wilson on Creating a Successful Skincare Line and the Sacrifices She Made Along Her Journey 0




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Welcome to Episode 41 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

It began as an ingredient obsession... In December of 2014, with her husband, 4 small children and $1,060 dollars to her name, Kimberly-Chloe quit her job as an accountant and started The Butter Bar Skincare as a way to avoid harsh synthetic chemicals and to clear her skin of acne and dark spots. Launching her online store in January of 2015, her handcrafted herbal solutions quickly transformed into an in-demand line of 100% natural products. The Butter Bar Skincare prides itself on being “good enough to eat” made with ingredients you can ACTUALLY pronounce and continues to create raw, natural products that not only produce amazing results but are safe to use as well. Her business has continued to grow from not only her online store but to her first storefront that opened in July of 2018.

Everyone has their definition of success. Some defined it as having a lot of money and wealth, but for Kim becoming a mom was a success. Kim has always dreamt of being a Mom and a successful entrepreneur.  She quit her accounting job and starts up her own business because she wanted to make her own rules and live her life the way she wanted without any boundaries.

Kim shares with us how she started The Butter Bar Skincare, the culture of the company, and what inspires her to start. How she invests her last savings to really pursue the idea. We discussed the sacrifices she’s made to grow her business and best practices for growing your customer base. We talk about trials and success and what’s next for The Butter Bar Skincare!

Kim strongly believes that prayer is the key to everything; the advantage of knowing your purpose because that will help you make the right decision. The importance of self-care and taking care of yourself first!


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