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Episode 43- Krystal Taylor on How Entrepreneurs Should Create _ Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle. Health is Wealth!

Episode 43- Krystal Taylor on How Entrepreneurs Should Create _ Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle. Health is Wealth! 0




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Welcome to Episode 43 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Working so hard to become a successful individual is not bad as long as you don’t push yourself too fast. Learn to balance everything and take a break. Remember, health is wealth. When health is lost, everything is lost.

Krystal Taylor is a Certified Personal Trainer & fitness, nutrition specialist, who helps hundreds of people on their journey to a healthy lifestyle by providing exercise plans, meal plans, fitness products, and sustainable tips. Her goal is to help people move away from bad dieting and towards a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness trainers are known for being so strict on their clients, but for Krystal, it doesn’t need to be like that. Her goal is to make sure that whatever you are doing is sustainable, that you like it and you enjoy it. Krystal explains why it's so important to balance everything, especially the foods you eat. She doesn’t believe in restricting yourself from eating, but just modify it based on what your goals are.

Krystal wants to put fun into fitness to make it enjoyable, so she brought flashcards into the fitness world. She explains its purpose in achieving good physical condition.  

Then, she shares some tips on how to attain a healthier lifestyle for busy individuals; why health is important to have a priority, tips on preparing your meals during busy days, how to sneak in workouts without going to the gym, when should someone consider to hire a fitness expert, tips for busy entrepreneurs who want an automation for fitness life, the importance of not skipping your meals, getting your body moving and drinking lots of water.

Finally, Krystal speaks of the things that we can implement today to ensure our life is moving in a healthy direction, tips on how to make your drinking water tastier, her best advice on how to be a successful entrepreneur and how to manage your health to become wealthy in the end.

“Listen to your body and don’t get too caught up!”


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