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Episode 35: Melody Bockelman-How To Create An Amazing Beauty Brand From The Private Label Queen Herself

Episode 35: Melody Bockelman-How To Create An Amazing Beauty Brand From The Private Label Queen Herself 0




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Welcome to episode 35th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

How to turn dreams into reality? Don't be afraid to take the first step, the second, the third until you finally have reached victory. Patience is a virtue. If you can't wait, you'll miss it.

Today’s guest is the beautiful Melody Bockelman, the founder of Private Label Insider. Beauty product development & agency that helps All size business create the brands of their dreams! They specialize in the health & beauty category including haircare, skincare, makeup, supplements, body care and more! Offering full-service product development, consulting & coaching and courses to help make your brand a success!

After 10 years of working in the private label industry, Melody decided that it was time for ALL size business should have a chance at getting their products developed. She’s sharing all my insider secrets with people who have a dream, an idea, and courage but just need some help getting the product from concept to production.

Melody shares tons and tons of information that will help entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to make their idea into finish products. She started as a distributor in college selling products like supplements and water bottle but made the mistake of not ultimately owning the rights to the brand. Then, her family got her into the manufacturing business and she’s been there for many years helping others create their skincare line. Melody found herself gifted and skilled in helping people create brands. Besides, Melody started her business as a blog talking about the industry after her observation that no one talked about how to create products. Her first product was an eBook, “How to Create a Skin Care Line?”.

She emphasized that success is not complicated. There's a tremendous amount of roadmaps that are out there. It's just how you use the resources, knowing the process and executing your actions. Nothing about entrepreneurship is overnight. People should always have patience.

Time does not wait. If you can't do the big vision, do the one thing right now. Don't think you're too old or too young. Just try it. Don't be afraid to fail!


Thank you so much for listening.
Dream Big, Execute Hard. 

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