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Episode 44- Audria Richmond on Creating an Uncloned Brand and Setting Yourself Apart in the Marketplace

Episode 44- Audria Richmond on Creating an Uncloned Brand and Setting Yourself Apart in the Marketplace 0





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Welcome to Episode 44 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!


Marketing is the key to making your business successful. It brings awareness to your brand, but copying your competition’s marketing strategy is very popular today. How does it affect your brand? How do you protect your brand from cloning?

Audria Richmond is the founder of UnCloned Media, LLC, an award-winning marketing and launch consultancy for top-notch brands who want to command first-rate profits. As a highly sought-after marketing and launch strategist, Audria champions entrepreneurs to stand in front of their brands—UnCloned and unafraid to be seen. With her incomparable formula of innovation, unquenchable creativity and tech-savviness, Audria is a force to be reckoned with.

Audria has left her mark on personal and company brands all over the world, from the United States to Singapore and continues to do so with her elite UnCloned Marketing Membership. She is always the woman who is thinking of—and executing on—a master plan. Since changing the game with her signature system, The UnCloned Marketing Method; a revolutionary system that teaches clients how to build wildly profitable marketing systems and personal brands from the ground up, with proven practices, tools and strategies to go big and stay there, she released three bestselling books in 2017. The books are titled Are You Ready for the Yes: How to Prep Your Brand for Lucrative Opportunities, UnCloned: Seven Epic (Un) Rules for Owning Your Shit, and The Yes Experience.

She also lends her expertise and unconventional, never-inside-the-box perspective, to her digital marketing platform the UnCloned Marketing Membership.

Audria has a background in photography and graphic design before she got into marketing. She uses her creativity in marketing strategy. Audria wanted to be different, therefore she challenged the norms and always wanted to be “the first to do it”, the first in everything that people said she couldn’t do.

Audria speaks about Uncloned Marketing, how she came up with the idea, and when it all started. She spoke on the virtual conference, which is her most recent and sizeable achievement, the difference between marketing and selling, how she deals with people cloning her ‘uncloning marketing’, how she protects her brand, how she’s able to secure her clients and getting the clients she wants.

Furthermore, she shares how she deals with clients who want guaranteed results. Audria tells us what her biggest takeaway from entrepreneurship is, that helps her to where she is right now. She gives advice to people who want to own space and industry, and to listeners who want to become successful entrepreneurs.

Audria believes in making time for yourself to learn and invest in yourself to attract clients. She encourages listeners not to look at failure as anything other than a lesson. “Fail fast and keep moving”, she says, level up and don’t let yourself put in the box, but find keys to unlock the motivation to do whatever you want.


“Marketing is fun.”


Thank you so much for listening.

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