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Episode 46- Arion Long- On how to Secure Funding for Your Business (Pitch to Win)

Episode 46- Arion Long- On how to Secure Funding for Your Business (Pitch to Win) 0






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Welcome to Episode 46 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Arion Long is the Founder and CEO of Femly, a tech-based menstrual hygiene company that aims to provide healthier alternatives to toxic menstrual care products including tampons, panty liners, menstrual pads, and other body care products. Since launching in 2015 with a fabulous subscription service, it expanded to reach thousands of monthly shipments and are in the patent & development phase of manufacturing proprietary menstrual products that will change and have a great impact on society.

Arion is also a speaker and a coach who has gained thousands in funding and won lots of pitching competitions including the Grow Your Biz Contest in New York on November 8. The competition awarded her $25,000 and access to individual coaching. Arion now hopes to reach and help more women in need around the world.

Arion speaks on her stillbirth in May 2017 that surprisingly after 15 days, she got out of bed to attend a pitch competition to secure more funding for Femly and won.  She talks about her journey in starting Femly and why she started it, how she decided to start pitching, despite being an introvert, to build her brand, how she won her first pitch competition and became addicted to it.  She then realized through pitching you will not only gain funding but will also gain awareness, leverage, and network expansion. Be who you are and don’t be afraid to ask for help from someone else.

This inspiring lady gives special importance to investing yourself and joining pitch competitions if you feel the need to because there will be lots of opportunities there. If you don’t want to apply, just being in the room and listening and being there will help you to build your connections that can be used in the future.

Also, Arion shares lots of nuggets about pitch competitions including the pros and cons, things to expect when you go out and pitch, the key to winning, what qualifies as a good pitch, what are the things that need to be included in the pitch and what to look for when you are trying to secure and find events to pitch for. We talk about why some people are more successful in pitching than others, what to look for when answering in a pitch competition, pros and cons of payouts, what to avoid, knowing the right things to do, why she didn’t invite anybody she knows during the competitions, tips on choosing a competition through the expenses and why your story is important in pitch.

Moreover, Arion answers few frequently ask questions like why you need to do lots of travel for contests, how to find a pitch competition, do you apply for the same contest if they come back along and how she handled anxiety when she first started.

“Imagine the world where charcoal is up and you never see your self-image.”

Thank you so much for listening.

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Episode 32: Tara Darnley-How To Secure Non-Equity Funding To Scale Your Business Through Pitch Competition

Episode 32: Tara Darnley-How To Secure Non-Equity Funding To Scale Your Business Through Pitch Competition 0


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Welcome to Episode 32 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast! LIVE RECORDING


Hey Guys! This is my second solo episode for this month. I'm so excited to share all about 'PITCHING'.

What is pitching? How to win non-equity funding to scale your business? Pitching is the process where you can win cash for your business. There are various organizations or entities out there that hold pitch competition and you can easily go into. Why do you need to pitch your business? There are so many reasons like you needed funding to launch your business or you need to level up your business and etc. Just be clear and concise with your concept to take home the bacon. However, when you're in a pitching event, do not be just focus on winning because you'll miss other opportunities. Get to know the people in the room. Build a network and connections with them. You never know who they may know that will get you to the next level. It's a win-win situation. If you lose still there's a room for growth after the competition where you can build relationships and you can genuinely benefit each other. The key is networking so it's very important to build a relationship.

Additionally, be an expert on your product. No one knows your product, but you. Know the whole thing about your product and convince the judges that your product is excellent. Also, don't pay anybody to pitch your product. Asking money from you to enter an event is a red flag.

Learn more about the things to consider when you're pitching your business; how to find and join pitch competition; some stuff that judges looking for in a pitch competition; and tips to win pitching competition.

Start now, not tomorrow and enjoy the process while it lasts. Pitching as much as possible!

Thank you so much for listening. 
Dream Big, Execute Hard.


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