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Episode 34: Aycee Brown-On Creating A Luxury Line That Promotes Self-Care

Episode 34: Aycee Brown-On Creating A Luxury Line That Promotes Self-Care 0



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Welcome to episode 34th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

This episode is very informative as our guest, Aycee Brown, shares her knowledge for self-care development. Aycee is an entrepreneur, a sleep evangelist, the Founder&Creator of Goodnight Darling Co., a luxury line designed that promotes healthy sleep habits that provide sleep-inducing merchandise.

Aycee has been an entrepreneur since a very young age. From making nail polish to making candies during her school days. Aycee worked in the corporate world, climbing to the top, but it didn't work. She ended up investing more on her entrepreneurial journey. Aycee knows the type of stores and the type of buyers she wanted to attract. Social media really helps her reached her prospective buyers and customers. To her, proper time management is necessary to be more productive on your job and your side hustles. If you can't have a big business, you can have a small business that still life-changing and will help you save money for your dream vacation to feel the freedom of your life.

Likewise, Aycee gives tips on how to start a small business without putting yourself in debt. Also, she shares some self-care tips for an entrepreneur that makes life easier.

Failure is inevitable at some point, but don't be afraid to start anything or something. Just do it. You're going to fail, but once you get over that, you will be fine!


Thank you so much for listening. 
Dream Big, Execute Hard.


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