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Episode 36: Dino & Heatheranne Cummings-On Building a Multi-Million Dollar Hair Subscription Box

Episode 36: Dino & Heatheranne Cummings-On Building a Multi-Million Dollar Hair Subscription Box 0




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Welcome to episode 36th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Balancing your business career and your personal life is not easy. Both require much-needed attention and care. However, with our latest guests, they set the business apart from their personal life. They managed to run a successful entrepreneurial journey and a healthy husband and wife relationship.

On this episode of the Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast, we two remarkable guests, power couple Heather and Dino Cummings. Who are the Founders and Creator of Curlkit LLC. It is one of the largest Natural Hair Subscription Services for multi-cultural women with curly hair in America. Since in 2012, CurlKit has featured over 300 brands and has been instrumental in helping many small businesses get exposure to the natural hair community.

Heather and Dino share all the secrets and tips of being successful entrepreneurs. They discuss how they started their subscription-based company. Heather discovered there was a void in the marketplace as far as healthy natural hair products were concerned. Upon noticing this void, the couple decided to take a plunge and start their subscription service for curly hair types. Their aim was to provide products for women who were looking for healthier options to maintain their naturally curly hair texture. Along with hair products, they have provided maintenance and styling information to help their customers' transition and grow healthy hair.

Being a pioneer means investing a ton of effort to learning everything since there was very little information out there. They've encountered a lot of bumps and bruises along the way, but they're persistent. They found their market and the target audience. It took them about three to six months to really start to gain traction. They started from 75 boxes a month to doubling every month thereafter for the first year. Currently, they ship out 12,000 to 13,000 boxes per month.

The couple now lives the life they didn't expect

Thank you so much for listening.
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