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Episode 39: Amelia Thomas on Building Your Money Team While Growing Your Business & Securing Your Legacy

Episode 39: Amelia Thomas on Building Your Money Team While Growing Your Business & Securing Your Legacy 0


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Welcome to Episode 39th of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast!

Amelia Thomas is the Founder and Managing Partner of Empire Capital Ventures and Amelia Thomas, LLC. She is a financial planner who specializes in the planning and wealth management for owners of small to mid-sized businesses using strategies and techniques that are typically reserved for billionaire clientele. Amelia has been actively working within the world of finance for over 15 years and has had the privilege to not only work as a planner but to also build wealth management programs for other financial institutions.

Amelia’s passions lie in assisting families with creating, implementing and maintaining legacy building frameworks that will carry the family wealth forward for the next 200 years. She has a dedicated “money ” that includes attorneys, CFP’s, CPA’s and other qualified professionals to ensure that one, cohesive strategy is implemented to grow and protect her clients' assets.

Amelia holds 11 licenses that provide her with the ability to create and manage investment to also supervise the financing deals of stadiums, toll bridges and even, initial public offerings. Last, she believes in the “pay it forward” mantra and actively works to eliminate the “illusion of inclusion” regarding the use of black businesses in local government and corporate contracting.

Like everyone else, Amelia wants career freedom and time freedom to do the things she wants to do in order to attain her dream life. Thus, she built her own investment firm because she wants the flexibility of her time and the loved idea of having no restrictions.

Amelia emphasized about financial planning and building a “money ”. She talks about how does it looks like building a “money ” and the key people that we need to hire to build it; why small business owners should hire a planner; at what point we need to hire one; and what are the qualities that we need to be considered in hiring professionals for our business.

Also, Amelia talks about wealth building, generational wealth, and advanced tax planning; how to carry a wealth for the next 200 years; and gives some tips for business owners how to save taxes.


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