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Episode 42: Tara Darnley on the Pros and Cons of Selling On Amazon in 2019 (No Coins Left Behind)

Episode 42: Tara Darnley on the Pros and Cons of Selling On Amazon in 2019 (No Coins Left Behind) 0




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Welcome to Episode 42 of Dreams Inspire Reality Podcast- Selling on Amazon Pros & Cons in 2019 (No Coins Left Behind)

Shopping online is a big trend to date. Amazon has dominated online. It is the fastest growing and biggest  E-commerce in the world. Statistically, Amazon has 100 million prime subscribers, has estimated 237 million customers worldwide, and has 5 million people selling their products on this platform. This online E-commerce platform is really at the peak of success. But how can small businesses benefit from Amazon? How does selling on Amazon work?

Sit back and relax, as I dive into this topic!

As an Amazon brand strategist, I helped my clients navigate the marketplace, by launching and scaling several brands on Amazon in our own strategic ways. With my own experiences of selling and growing my own 7 figure Brand on Amazon over the last 5 years, I’ve been able to replicate my success to my clients today.

In this episode, I will answer lots of questions related to selling and launching your brand successfully on Amazon. Plus discuss the many Pros and as well as the cons.

Here are a few things I shared:

  • What are the pros and cons of selling on Amazon
  • Is  free shipping really “Free Shipping"
  • Why selling Fba is your best option
  • What are the advantages of selling your products on Amazon
  • Advice for sellers who are shipping their products by themselves
  • Two different ways to sell on Amazon
  • How crucial account optimization is to the success of your channel
  • How to sell to other countries without additional cost to you!
  • What are the advantages of shopping on Amazon during the holiday seasons
  • When does Amazon pay the sellers
  • The pros of advertising your products on Amazon Today
  • Best-Sellers Categories
  • The difference between gated and ungated categories
  • What to do if your account has been suspended on Amazon
  • Why having a trademark is important to sell your products on Amazon

Find out what your long term goal on Amazon and stick to it!


Disclaimer: I don’t work for or am I affiliated with Amazon.


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Thank you so much for listening.

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